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For many years, I was losing more money on my football bets than I was prepared to admit! Frustrated, I started researching into possible ways of reducing the odds that were so heavily stacked against me winning simple football bets. Suddenly, with the advancement in computer technology and the much-publicized scientific approach to football betting of a British professor of Cybernetics, I finally worked out an amazing set of systems. Since then, my betting experience has been drastically positively transformed!

NOTE: A bookmaker once refused to accept bets using one of my systems! Was he afraid of losing huge amounts of money to investors using this incredible system? I assure you that ALL my systems are perfectly LEGAL. They have been a regular source of income for me, season after season! Let them do the same for you.

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• "You hit 4/6 overall and got 3/3 in 2 sets of naps (draws). That is a very good one. I want to commend your effort. I haven't hit it big yet, but I have faith in your strategy. Nice day"... From: Obi xxx, Rivers State, Nigeria

• "The 12x System is like hedging in Forex trading, you only need to follow the instructions clearly and you will always come out a winner most of the time. I recommend it to all wise investors like myself"... From: sweetjoshan, Nigeria.

• "My dear friend, compliments to you and your crew for last weekend's achievement, following your 8/8 (100%) home win prediction"... From: Jesse xxx, Italy, W. Europe

• "Sir, your Week 18 game played as you predicted it... it gave 2 naps (draws). Congratulations, keep it up. I like it!"... From: Uba xxx, Cotonou, Republic of Benin



NOTE: I used the 2010 FIFA World Cup ...South Africa 2010 to test-run some of the hitherto 'secret', but now openly featured, 12x Systems in the amazing latest edition of "FOOTBALL BETTING SUCCESS... The Secret 12x Systems Approach". I won 6 times during the 4-week tournament! Here are the details and screenshots of the winning lines for the opening matches of June 11, 2010 and the 3rd Place and Final matches of July 10/11, 2010...

● June 11, 2010

South Africa & Mexico to draw X (Result: South Africa 1 - 1 Mexico)

Uruguay & France to draw X (Result: Uruguay 0 - 0 France) 2 Singles & 1 Double => ALL 3 bets correct.

My Stake: US$5.00; Return: US$23.30 

(Profit: US$18.30)

Winning slip 1 Fifa World Cup

● July 10/11, 2010

3rd Place Match => Germany to defeat Uruguay 2 (Result: Uruguay 2 - 3 Germany)

FINAL => Holland & Spain to draw X (Result: Holland 0 - 0 Spain) - 90 minutes
1 Double => Germany (W) & Holland/Spain (D) @ 1.83 x 3.25

My Stake: US$7.16; Return: US$42.67 

(Profit: US$35.51)

Winning slip 2 Fifa World Cup

"FOOTBALL FOOTBALL BETTING SUCCESS... The Secret 12x Systems Approach" (the latest edition) is the most comprehensive football betting book ever written! It is suitable for professional football gamblers as well as beginners. It will surely arm you with the complete betting solution that will allow you to regularly make good money from your bets as it reveals ALL you need to know and do, to 'bet your way' into the big league.

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• A Step-By-Step Guide on how to use 12x Systems to drastically reduce the amount of money you pay for your Football bets (BV 12X INSURANCE FORMULA). For example, for Fixed Odds (3 draws) entry;

(i) Select 6 numbers and you only pay for 6 bets instead of 20 bets

(ii) Select 7 numbers and you only pay for 12 bets instead of 35 bets

• A Step-By-Step Guide on how to forecast, bet, and regularly win GOOD MONEY with your DRAWS (Fixed Odds & Treble Chance), AWAYS, & HOMES, using amazing time-tested 12x Systems. Superb illustrations and worked examples are included to further guide you.

• A Step-By-Step Guide on how to easily secure a fantastic regular income from the European football matches you watch on television... not only on weekends but also mid-week! Congratulations to fans of Chelsea, Barcelona, Porto, Arsenal, Ajax, Man Utd., Man City, PSG, Tottenham, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Lyon, Inter Milan, Juventus, AC Milan, etc! 

You can now actually make some cool cash while having fun watching your favourite teams!

• Privileged information on a 'popular' betting system you must avoid like a plague!

• How & where in Nigeria (online and offline), and abroad, to safely & lawfully place your football bets (Fixed Odds... at great odds, and Treble Chance). Place your bets & collect your winnings from your country... no travel visa is required & your privacy is guaranteed!


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Bona Vee
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