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The profile of FOOTBALL POOLS XTRA is simple and straight-forward. We are an independent web-based organization of football pools researchers who provide reliable scientifically-selected football matches' forecasts. We are not agents or representatives of any betting or gambling organization. We don't have agents or representatives in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. Our only contact information is as advertised on the Contact Us page.

BV JACKPOT is a Football Betting System devised by us after several years of painstaking research. Using this fantastic system, we provide reliable scientifically-selected football matches' forecasts. Football Pools Xtra publishers have, over the years, won several modest amounts of money, online and offline, on both the Treble Chance and Fixed Odds Football Pools in the U.K. and Nigeria... using the amazing BV JACKPOT SYSTEM!

Our very reliable matches' predictions are sent to our subscribers... as necessary. They are also randomly posted on this website FREE-OF-CHARGE. (Terms & Conditions apply)

Our subscribers and the general public personally own their individual entries and place their bets anywhere they wish. All winnings (and losses... lol) belong to the individual punters 100%.

We also give up-to-date football fixtures, results, tips, advice and news as they break, e.g. transfers, injuries, postponements, acquisitions, gossips, etc.


If you see the term
BV JACKPOT being used, displayed, or claimed by ANY other person, organization or group of persons, either online or offline, please note that the user or claimant is a FRAUDSTER! Do NOT transact any business with such an outfit. Simply take your money and run for dear life... or better still, quickly inform the law enforcement agencies!

• "Mr. BV JACKPOT, u'er too much n u are indeed a reliable source as far as dis biz is concerned... Wk 45 /// 1* 2* 3* 4* 13* (5/5) unbelievable, tnx a lot"... From Marvel xxx, Nigeria.


BV JACKPOT SYSTEM offers a great chance of regularly hitting the jackpot! BV JACKPOT forecasts can be used in any country of the world on;

(i) ALL Treble Chance & Fixed Odds Football Pools coupons using the weekly Football League/Cup fixtures published by the UK Football Pools Promoters' Association, e.g. English Premier League (EPL), Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga, Australian Football League, French Ligue 1, etc.

(ii) ALL Bookmakers' coupons worldwide... both online and offline, featuring popular football matches e.g. UEFA Champions' League, FIFA-organized matches, Internationals and other Major World Football Leagues. These entries could be naps, plans, or permutations (singles, doubles, trebles, accumulators, double chance, etc)

• "My dear friend, compliments to you and your crew for last weekend's achievement, following your 8/8 (100%) home win prediction"... From: Jesse xxx, Italy, W. Europe


We assure you that we always do our very best in our football predictions and in giving valuable tips, ideas, and advice to our subscribers.

On the average, we make correct predictions (3 draws) at least once or twice in a Calendar month.

We have won for 3 consecutive weeks in a row and we've also hit the jackpot... 100% success, by getting ALL our forecasts correct, i.e. 6/6, many times!

We also often get our weekly Banker Draw prediction right! We are indeed very proud of our record.

If you are neither comfortable with dealing with a web-based organization... like Football Pools Xtra, for whatever reason, nor impressed with our success rate, or if after carefully going through our web pages, you are still not fully convinced, please simply ignore us and move on. After all, you are getting the forecasts on request (subscription) or even for FREE!  
Fair enough, isn't it?

However, please note that no matter what anybody tells you, gambling, like most financial investments, is a game of chance, with its associated risks. Even with our much-praised BV JACKPOT System (yes, we have privileged betting information, adequate football data and resources, etc), there is NO GUARANTEE whatsoever that you will definitely win a football bet on any particular week. But then, isn't life itself one big gamble?

NOTE: Please note that we only offer things as stated on this website. Anything not stated here is NOT in our programme, so please don't ask for it... you won't get it!


It is generally acknowledged that our customer service is second to none... it is acclaimed to be the very best in the industry! However, kindly note that all our electronic/communications systems have been programmed to automatically reject any incoming local or international message with a HIDDEN (PRIVATE) NUMBER.

You know our number to be
+2348034454211 (both SMS and WhatsApp), it makes sense that we get to know yours too.

From our experience, only unrepentant Internet fraudsters and perpetual time-wasters hide their numbers when they contact us. Your full co-operation will be appreciated. Thank you.

NOTE: If it's more convenient for you, please simply use our website's
Contact Form.

"BV JACKPOT POOLS, may The Good God bless you for helping me. I got 3/3 nap (2xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx) with the only little money I have this Week ... I hope to win more with you, thanks. Your organization is real and not 419 that some people may think. Keep it up"...From: Udeme, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

BEFORE subscribing please read and accept...

Remember that ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law.