Payment Options

Securely process your order

All payments are to be made via our online payment processing firm... Paystack. Your normal ATM card is all you need to securely pay for these products via this platform.

The currently available payment options on the platform are;

Card (Mastercard, Visa, Verve, etc), Bank Transfer, USSD, Visa QR, Bank (Supported banks). New payment options will be introduced as time goes on.

Want to place an order and make a payment for any of our products? Okay, we've made the payment process to be as flawless as possible. We've got your back. You do not need to visit your bank to make a payment! Yes, you securely do all transactions on your phone, laptop, PC, etc., without leaving your home! 
To securely process your order, simply click on the Paystack image below and follow the simple instructions on the displayed payment page.

To make your payment, click on the Paystack image below...


Secured by Paystack


You will receive an immediate acknowledgement of your order right there on your webpage. An acknowledgement will also be sent to the e-mail address you specified on your order form. However, we advise that you quickly follow up by sending an order confirmation message to us.

SMS or WhatsApp at;

+2348034454211... stating; 

(i) Name.

(ii) E-Mail (This is where we'll send your e-book(s) to.

(iii) Telephone.

(iv) Payment mode (Bank, USSD, Card, Visa QR, Transfer).

(v) Amount paid.

(vi) Product(s) paid for.

Please note that all payments are non-refundable (Terms & Conditions apply).


(For orders from the diaspora)

If you wish to order for any of our products from a location outside Nigeria, the same payment approach ordinarily applies. However, there is presently a situation of multiple forex rates of the Nigerian Naira (NGN). Due to this, we cannot specifically place a particular exchange rate to any foreign currency... at least for now.

We shall however soon publish - on this page - how to make your payment from outside the NGN zone... in United States Dollars only.

We sincerely thank you for your patronage.