" Football Pools Xtra: How To Bet & Win Big...

How To Bet & Win Big...

How to bet and win big on 3 draws
How To Bet & Win Big On 3 Draws Football Fixed Odds

…featuring the 1 Million Naira Project!

So, how do you bet on the 3 draws Football Fixed Odds for regular profits?

The answer to this question depends on two main factors;

(1) The system you use

(2) Your budget, i.e. your betting bank. 

This fantastic report, which is a pools investor's companion, shows you;

(1) The 'Winning System' & how to use it.

(2) How to decide how much money to place on your bets for maximum returns (Money Management)

(3) Some superb betting tips from the 12x Systems expert himself!


Many Nigerians, betting at 40/1 odds, unwittingly follow the very common road to ‘football betting suicide’ by staking the whole of N25, 000.00 on a 3-draw nap in just one week! What’s their mission? To win NGN1 million, of course! This, in my opinion, is not a wise way to invest.

The good news: 

With my system you can still win twice your stake back even if ALL your 3 bankers fail! Impossible? You will even win more at 60/1, 80/1 and 100/1. This special report will show you exactly how.

Bonanza Price: NGN2, 500 only!

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