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Modus Operandi of BV JACKPOT System

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• "Sir, your Week 18 game played as you predicted it... it gave TWO 3/3 naps (draws). Congratulations, keep it up. I like it!"... From: Uba xxx, Cotonou, Republic of Benin



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Predict Home Win, Away Win or Draw for 7 (Premiership and other) football matches and win up to £825.00 per week for your £1.00 weekly stake.

BEFORE doing business with us, please read and accept our;

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N.B. - Remember that ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law.

* Here's what we do

Our primary business is the production, publishing and sale of highly effective sports (especially football) betting books, magazines, manuals and newsletters. These products are written and presented in a way that anyone with a simple knowledge of the English language can easily comprehend.
To make a purchase of any of our popular football betting books, simply make your choice of product by visiting the Football System Books page.
However, even with the book safely in your possession, there may come a time when you won't be able to spare enough time to 'work the systems' therein, especially the dozen systems in 'Football Betting Success...' 
In such a case, we offer affordable subscription-based membership where we work the systems on behalf of our subscribers and send out (via SMS, e-mail or WhatsApp) the resulting forecasts every week. 

The relevant BV JACKPOT subscription fees and prices of all our products, as well as the procedure for making a safe and hassle-free order/transaction, are published ===>>> HERE...

For all our products, when we confirm your payment from our online payment processing firm, Paystack, your contact details will be entered into our database. We will thereafter send you the products paid for, via E-mail (in virus-free pdf format, if books) or via SMS (for forecasts)

To compensate for differences in world time zones, and to avoid delays, BV JACKPOT forecasts are normally sent out on FRIDAY (for both English & Aussie Seasons). We do this as early as we have enough information and data to make comprehensive and very reliable forecasts.
Here's what we send out to subscribers;

(A) 1 Banker + 1 Hot Pair (Draws only)


(B) 6 Draws for permutation (These include the 1 Banker, 1 Hot Pair + 3 extra)

NOTE:  (1) Nap the Banker + Hot Pair for 3/3.

If in doubt about our modus operandi, you are advised to seek sound legal advice and/or a second opinion before doing business with us.

Remember that ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law!

Social Entrepreneurship is well and alive 
Meanwhile, as our own little way of fulfilling our social responsibility, we randomly post some BV JACKPOT predictions (Draws, Homes or Aways) for any particular week on this website (solely at our discretion)... for FREE!
The modus operandi is that these numbers may be placed anywhere - possibly on different pages - on our website. It is up to you to find and use them. Fair enough, isn't it?
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Watch out ===>>>