Some Popular Betting Systems

Useful Betting Strategies

In a series of posts we shall be introducing to you some popular football betting systems that explain some well understood and well utilized analytical strategies that will assist you, the football betting enthusiast, make more educated bets.

Yes, the analytical techniques explained in these systems will assist you to make a much better choice about the match or matches that you are banking on.

Did you know that in football wagering, as in the majority kinds of betting, the benefit is never on your side?

It is a sad fact that most people treat football betting as a recreational activity and gamble in the hope of winning money rather than in expectation. However, the knowledgeable punter has better chances of enjoying a successful football betting experience than the spontaneous gambler who places a bet following his suspicion and wishful thinking. This tiny winning minority earns a substantial income from football betting because they use tested and trusted systems and stick to them.

N.B. The systems in these posts, though very effective, are still probably not the all-in-all of soccer betting systems!

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- Chapter 1 -

12X SELECTION SYSTEMS (7 superb systems) - These show you how to reliably predict the results of matches... Homes, Draws, Aways).

- Chapter 2 -

12X BETTING SYSTEMS (5 superb systems) - These show you how to confidently place your bets - while saving a lot of staking money - with the predictions you got from the 12x Selection Systems.

- Chapter 3 -

FIXED ODDS staking plans (3 great plans)

- Chapter 4 -

TREBLE CHANCE staking plans (1 fantastic plan covering 8, 10 or 12 selections of Aways, Homes or Draws).

- Chapter 5 -

USEFUL RESOURCES (Where to find useful data for your forecasting work).

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