Frequently Asked Questions

*'Are you an agent or representative of a Football Pools Company or an online betting organization' AND 'What exactly is BV JACKPOT?'

Answers at: About Us

*Does the 'BV JACKPOT' System work in Nigeria?

Yes... BV JACKPOT System works very well anywhere in the world... including Nigeria, for both the Fixed Odds and Treble Chance Pools. All coupons using the Football Pools lists published by t
he UK Football Pools Promoters Association, UK, and the most popular bookmakers worldwide are okay.

*Do you sell Football Pools systems or keys?

No... We do not sell football betting systems or keys per se. We use our own very successful BV JACKPOT System to make our forecasts which are generously often posted on this website for the use of the public... FREE-OF-CHARGE! 

However, we do sell some very popular Football Pools System and legitimate money-making e-books at affordable prices... Visit the Football Pools System Books page for info.

*Is payment in Nigerian Naira (NGN) okay?

Yes... Details are on the How It Works page of our website.

*As a subscriber, will my identity be revealed to the public?

No... Our service is strictly private and confidential. We will not divulge your name or personal details to the public without your consent. We will however appreciate it if you give us, at your discretion, a testimonial (albeit, anonymous) for our website when you win with BV JACKPOT!

*With so much Internet fraud, how can I be sure you are genuine and is there any guarantee that I will win?

Even though we are strictly a web-based organization, we have our contact details, viz; Phone Number, E-mail Address, and Postal Address on the Contact Us page of our website.

However, please note that no matter what anybody tells you, gambling, like most financial investments, is a game of chance, with its associated risks. Even with our much-praised BV JACKPOT System, there is NO GUARANTEE whatsoever that you will definitely win a football bet on a particular week. But then, isn't life itself one big gamble? If any company or individual in this industry 'guarantees' you winnings, just take your money and run for dear life!


Please note that all transactions between any 
football betting organization - anywhere in the world - and its subscribers shall be on mutual trust, in good faith, and shall be binding in honour only.

*Am I qualified to be a BV JACKPOT subscriber?

Answer at: Responsible Gambling


Remember to read and accept our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy BEFORE subscribing.

Remember that ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law