Terms & Conditions

Football Pools Xtra Terms and Conditions of Service

Terms and Conditions
1. SUBSCRIPTION / MEMBERSHIP / PURCHASE of the BV JACKPOT System, '12X INVESTMENT CLUB', 'FOOTBALL BETTING SUCCESS...', 'SPORTING DANDY' and any other product of Football Pools Xtra (herein referred to as "Company", "Website", "Site", and/or "Seller"), is a privilege and not a right. The Company therefore reserves the right to reject any application, without disclosing the reasons.

2. BY subscribing to BV JACKPOT, a person confirms that he/she is legally free to do so. Such a person shall provide true and accurate personal and contact information, as necessary.

3. A SUBSCRIBER / MEMBER / CUSTOMER shall immediately inform the Company of any change in the personal or contact information supplied by him/her.

4. The Company's primary business shall be the production, publishing and sale of sports (especially football) books, magazines, manuals and newsletters.
5. THE BV JACKPOT forecasts may be randomly posted on this website for the use of the general public FREE-OF-CHARGE. This is solely at the Company's discretion.

6. THERE shall be no refunds or credits whatsoever. Regarding the purchase of our service, since we perform a service and the service would have been rendered. Also as soon as our e-books, which are non-tangible products in a digital format, are downloaded, the subscriber / member / customer will immediately have full access and use of them. These e-books are therefore deemed to be used and unreturnable.

7. THE Company shall endeavour to send out its various products on schedule. Consideration shall be given to the possibility of delays or outright cancellation. This may be caused by inadequate football data for a reliable forecasting procedure. Other reasons are unforeseen circumstances such as a computer hard disk crash, an act of God, natural disasters, electricity power outage or ISP server problems. In such a situation, the Company, at its discretion, shall 'make good' the omission.

8. THE Company shall not be held liable for late or non-arrival of the requested product, due to an incorrect contact information supplied by the subscriber / member / customer.

9. DESPITE every effort to ensure total accuracy, we do not accept responsibility for the contents of adverts placed on the Football Pools Xtra website and/or our sister publications and/or websites, by third parties.

10. WE do not accept responsibility for any error, omission, or inaccuracy in the football pools results, fixtures and/or general content provided by us on our websites and publications.

11. THE different Pools firms' or bookmakers' operational Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy shall apply to all entries made on such firms' individual coupons.

12. ANY direct transaction between a subscriber / member / customer and any Football Pools betting firm or bookmaker shall be the sole responsibility of such subscriber / member / customer. Football Pools Xtra shall not be held liable for any perceived wrong-doing by either party.

13. THE BV JACKPOT System is, and shall remain a sole and exclusive copyright and property of the Company.

14. THE Company does not guarantee Football Pools betting winnings through its forecasts and other products. All transactions between the Company and its subscribers / members / customers shall be on mutual trust, in good faith, and shall be binding in honour only.

15. THE Company reserves the right to amend its operational Terms & Conditions, without prior notice.