Responsible Gambling

Check To See If You Are Qualified For BV JACKPOT Tips?

* Are you a minor (i.e. under-aged)?

* Are you uncomfortable with dealing with a strictly web-based organization like Football Pools Xtra?

* Do you consider yourself a better forecaster than the BV JACKPOT SYSTEM experts?

* Are you one of those people who believe that the coupon-listed football matches never get played as advertised but that the results have already been decided i.e. fraudulently fixed, a long time before kick-off?

* Are you one of those people who expect to win every time they place a football bet?

* Do you reject the notion that there are winning streaks as well as losing streaks?

* Do your family, friends or associates always criticize your betting?

* Do you generally lie to cover up the amount of money you have placed on bets?

* Do you stay in football betting shops for long periods at a time?

* Do you stay away from work or your family to go betting?

* Have you lost interest in your family, friends, and/or associates due to your betting?

* Do you turn your hitherto loving spouse into a punching bag when the latest Classified Football Pools Results are unfavourable to you?

* Do people complain about your tatty dressing due to your inability to fund new clothes because of your betting?

* Do you hate to spend what you consider betting money on anything else?

* Do you keep gambling until your last kobo is gone... i.e. you don't have a betting budget?

* Do you lie, steal, or borrow, just to get money to bet or pay betting debts?

Is your answer YES to any of these questions?

Sorry then, you are NOT qualified for BV JACKPOT Tips. We are only interested in smart, decent and responsible persons not frustrated fools!