Frequently Asked Questions


Are you an agent or representative of a Football Pools Company or an online betting organization?

No... Football Pools Xtra is neither an agent nor a representative of any Football Pools Company, anywhere in the world. We are totally independent.

NOTE: We are NOT a gambling organization. We are Football Pools researchers who provide reliable scientifically-selected Pools forecasts. Our subscribers personally own their individual entries, and place their bets anywhere, and as they wish. We also give up-to-date football news as they break, e.g. transfers, gossip, etc.

What exactly is BV JACKPOT?

BV JACKPOT is a Football Betting System devised by FOOTBALL POOLS XTRA after several years of painstaking research. Using this fantastic system, we provide reliable scientifically-selected football matches' forecasts. Football Pools Xtra publishers have, over the years, won several modest amounts of money, online and offline, on both the Treble Chance and Fixed Odds Football Pools in the U.K. and Nigeria... using the amazing BV JACKPOT SYSTEM!


We DO NOT have agents or representatives anywhere in the world. We are strictly a web-based organization with our only contact information here. If you see the term BV JACKPOT or Football Pools Xtra, or our logo, being used, displayed, or claimed by ANY other person, organization or group of persons, either online or offline, please note that the user or claimant is a FRAUDSTER! Do NOT transact any business with such an outfit. Simply take your money and run for dear life... or better still, quickly inform the law enforcement agencies! 


Does 'BV JACKPOT' work in Nigeria?

Yes... BV JACKPOT System works very well anywhere in the world... including Nigeria, for both the Fixed Odds and Treble Chance Pools. All coupons using the Football Pools lists published by the UK Football Pools Promoters Association, London, and the most popular bookmakers worldwide are okay.

How do I get my weekly BV JACKPOT forecasts?

Simple... Subscribe now to the BV JACKPOT System via the 'How It Works' page. Every week, throughout the year (both UK Football Season and Australian Football Season), we send our scientifically selected BV JACKPOT forecasts to our registered subscribers, worldwide, via SMS.

What exactly do you send to your subscribers?

Every week, you will receive, via SMS (phone) the BV JACKPOT predictions as follows;

(1) 6 DRAWS for the week as below;

(a) Six (6) Numbers... for permutation or nap.
(b) One (1) Banker (The best number amongst the 6)
(c) One (1) Hot Pair (The next best 2 numbers amongst the 6)


(2) 1 Banker plus 1 Pair (Draws only)


(3) 1 Draw + 2 Aways + 2 Homes - ACCUMULATOR (Online/Offline)

REMEMBER: All our forecasts are scientifically selected and it is our considered opinion that you have a better chance of hitting the jackpot with BV JACKPOT than with any other system! With privileged information and reliable data, we do ALL the work for you, but you must enter the forecasts on your coupons as advised. It is as simple as A, B, C.

Why is the 'BV JACKPOT' annual subscription fee so low?

Okay... Yes, we are aware that many Football Pools forecasts clubs/organizations charge as much as NGN1,000,000.00 (about US$2,000) as annual membership fee! However, we, as Football Pools investors ourselves, are well aware of what a fellow investor (staker) goes through in his attempt to win the Pools. We therefore decided to help, by making our very successful BV JACKPOT forecasts available to all, at very affordable fees.

Do you sell Football Pools systems or keys?

No... We do not sell football betting systems or keys. We use our own very successful BV JACKPOT System to make our forecasts. However, we do sell some very popular Systems/Football Betting e-books at affordable prices.

Is payment in Nigerian Naira (NGN) okay?

Yes... Details are on the How It Works page of our website.

As a subscriber, will my identity be revealed to the public?

No... Our service is strictly private and confidential, and for our subscribers only. We will not divulge your name or personal details to the public without your consent. We will however appreciate it if you give us, at your discretion, a testimonial (albeit, anonymous) for our website when you win with BV JACKPOT!

With so much Internet fraud, how can I be sure you are genuine and is there any guarantee that I will win?

Even though we are strictly a web-based organization, we have our contact details, viz; Phone Number, E-mail Address, and Postal Address on the Contact Us page of our website.

No matter what anybody tells you, gambling, like most financial investments, is a game of chance, with its associated risks. Even with our much-praised BV JACKPOT System, there is NO GUARANTEE whatsoever that you will definitely win a football bet on any particular week. But then, isn't life itself one big gamble? If any company in this industry 'guarantees' you winnings, just take your money and run for dear life!


Please note that all transactions between any organization - anywhere in the world - involved in football betting and its subscribers shall be on mutual trust, in good faith, and shall be binding in honour only.

Am I qualified to be a BV JACKPOT subscriber?

* Are you a minor i.e. under-aged?
* Are you uncomfortable with dealing with a strictly web-based organization like Football Pools Xtra?
* Do you consider yourself a better forecaster than the BV JACKPOT SYSTEM experts?
* Are you one of those people who believe that the coupon-listed football matches never get played as advertised but that the results have already been decided i.e. fraudulently fixed, a long time before kick-off?
* Are you one of those people who expect to win every time they place a football bet?
* Do you reject the notion that there are winning streaks as well as losing streaks?
* Do your family, friends or associates always criticize your betting?
* Do you generally lie to cover up the amount of money you have placed on bets?
* Do you stay in football betting shops for long periods at a time?
* Do you stay away from work or your family to go betting?
* Have you lost interest in your family, friends, and/or associates due to your betting?
* Do you turn your hitherto loving spouse into a punching bag when the latest Classified Football Pools Results are unfavourable to you?
* Do people complain about your tatty dressing due to your inability to fund new clothes because of your betting?
* Do you hate to spend what you consider betting money on anything else?
* Do you keep gambling until your last kobo is gone... i.e. you don't have a betting budget?
* Do you lie, steal, or borrow, just to get money to bet or pay betting debts?

Is your answer YES to any of these questions?

Sorry then, you are NOT qualified for BV JACKPOT Tips. We are only interested in smart, decent and responsible persons not frustrated fools!

Read and accept our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy BEFORE subscribing.

Remember that ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law